We guarantee IT

once you use a NEVR LOOZ golf bag , you WILL NOT USE any other bag again!


Our new "EASY PEASY" pullcart which only includes wheels and handle attaches to the NEVR LOOZ Exoskeleton frame in seconds!   

The old days of twisting and fighting those fold up contraptions that take up way too much space in your trunk are over!


We designed numerous small, medium, and large pockets, including an iPhone pocket and business cardholder/valuables pocket.

  • 4 – small zippered pockets (tees, ball markers, markers, etc.)
  • 2 – medium zippered pockets (club cleaner tool, club ratchet tool, etc.)
  • 2 – medium easy access pockets (gloves, range finders, etc.)
  • 2 – large easy access pockets (rain gear, towels, jackets, etc.)
  • 1 – front dual zippered pocket for balls
  • 1 – upper small zippered pocket (wallet, keys, etc.)
  • 1 – hidden business card holder / valuables pocket inside upper pocket
  • 1 – iPhone easy access pocket
  • 1 – rear neoprene insulated pocket (rain hood, towels, etc.)


  1. Top of frame varies in height to accommodate taller clubs on left side and shorter clubs on right side
  2. CLUB-CLIPS can be reversed to accommodate left handed golfers
  3. Separate putter pod
  4. Two hooks – for bag tags, towels, etc.
  5. Single carry strap
  6. Rain hood – dual zippered extends to completely cover the iron shafts and allow easy ingress and egress
  7. Cart Bag Well Bar – located on the bottom of the bag to secure the bag on smaller bag wells
  8. Front Roll Bar with cushioned Handle – specifically designed to protect irons when stored in trunk or traveling
  9. Wood / Hybrid shaft clips – designed to protect and organize wood shafts
  10. HYBRID CLUB-CLIPS for hybrid organization and club management
  11. Adjustable Umbrella holder


  • Gives the consumer complete visulization so so you'll immediately notice if a club is missing, thus, the genisis of the NEVR LOOZ name!
  • Ten individual flexible CLUB-CLIPS that completely envelope AND secure the entire club head
  • Specifically designed to fit any iron on the planet. 
  • CLUB-CLIPS slide and rotate to provide complete customization, organization, and protection


Our patented “OPEN” skeletal frame allows you to simply insert or retrieve each club from the side…which makes much more sense…duh! 

  • The days of always having to lift and jam or retrieve your clubs from the top of a golf bag are now obsolete.  
  • All NEVR LOOZ bags include a leg stand on all its cart bags to prevent falling over when standing...which is always a pain in the ass.
  • A recessed curve was specifically designed midway in the SKELETAL FRAME to accommodate a cart strap which wraps behind the iron shafts to eliminate shaft squeezing as is typical with your bag...go try it, we dare you. 


In disruptive design, the advent of a new product category such as SKELETAL typically creates other subcategories.  In our case, NEVR LOOZ created the EXOSKIN.  

Typically, a consumer had to purchase an entire bag if they wanted to replace it.  NEVR LOOZ provides standard EXOSKINS and also provides “custom” EXOSKINS which simply unzip off the skeletal frame and can be swapped out in seconds. 

Show off your favorite football team colors one round, then really show off your “custom” EXOSKIN the next round!

RAIN HOOD - Covers entire bag opening with double zipper for easy access! 
And wrap around elastic strap to secure the bottom