R.J. Weinmeier - Golf Professional

I've been playing, studying and learning this great game of golf for over 40 years.    Being an engineer but also creative or as they say, having the "yin and yang" helps me diagnose and typically help golfers of all levels in usually one or two sessions.  

I've posted some pics of a few of my accomplishments for two reasons:  first for credibility.  You have to be able to walk the walk and talk the talk otherwise we both are wasting our time and secondly, to show you with correct instruction - which this game requires - you can get better - I promise!  

My teaching style is pretty simple but first know that I don’t believe in golf lessons. Over the years, I’ve learned lessons don’t work. You’ll learn faster if you simply “isolate” and train certain moves as they relate to you. I will help you understand how to swing the golf club combining your technique, natural talent, physical ability and, personality. I call it my 2T2P method and trust me, it works.  

I also believe every person has certain gifts.  My special gift is the ability to determine what yours is. I then build on it since it is natural to you. So let me see what’s going on in your swing so you can start playing the best golf your your life!  


Pebble Beach

Trophy Case - lots of great moments backed up by lots of hard work!

One of many tournaments I've won

One of many long drive contests I've won

Putting at main MSOP stadium

MSOP (Major Series Of Putting) - 1st Place Qualifier - Legacy Golf Club

MSOP (Major Series Of Putting) - 1st Place Qualifier - Bear's Best Golf Club