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once you use a NEVR LOOZ golf bag,
you WILL NOT USE any other bag again!


  • Our new "EASY PEASY" pull cart includes wheels and handle which attaches to the NEVR LOOZ OPEN-FRAME in seconds


Fits in most pull carts! 


  • The NEVR LOOZ golf bag has numerous small, medium, and large pockets, including an iPhone pocket and business cardholder/valuables pocket.


  • Iron CLUB-CLIPS can be reversed to accommodate LEFT HANDED golfers.  
  • Separate putter pod tube is 2" diameter to fit all large grips
  • Flexible handle guide fits all oversized jumbo grips
  • Works perfect for SAME LENGTH clubs
  • Includes a horizontal bar on the bottom for more stability when in a golf cart well
  • Adjustable Umbrella holder


  • The NEVR LOOZ golf bag comes with ten  individual flexible iron CLUB-CLIPS (two extra) and three SHAFT-CLIPS (two extra) for woods and hybrids
  • CLUB-CLIPS fit any iron on the market
  • Iron CLUB-CLIPS slide and rotate to provide complete customization, organization and protection
  • SHAFT-CLIPS holds woods and hybrids
  • Add SHAFT-CLIPS for additional hybrids


  • The patented front OPEN-FRAME allows easy insertion or retrieval of clubs
  • All NEVR LOOZ bags include an optional  leg stand
  • The OPEN-FRAME eliminates shaft squeeze typical with any bag on the market.  


  • Simply swap out the OUTER-SKIN and change the entire look of your NEVR LOOZ bag in seconds!


  • Covers entire bag opening with double zipper for easy access
  • Includes ties to secure the top and wrap around elastic strap to secure the bottom