A Couple Of Students (out of many)

Wish I could say I worked with this guy but unfortunately no fix was necessary.

Put these images in your brain!

Justin O.

Yes, there is going to be another Justin on tour very soon! I started checking in with Justin at age 9.

He’s now 16 and a seasoned veteran having won a bunch of junior tournaments. Justin was invited to compete in numerous all world tournaments and started on the senior golf team as a freshman. Now, as a senior, he’s the team leader!

Knock Knock PGA Tour: Who’s there? Justin O.

Justin O. - age 16

Justin O. - age 16

Justin O. - age 16

Justin O. - age 16

Justin O. - age 9

Justin O. - age 9


Snapshot: A player with a lot of experience, Cindy thought she had to “do something” in order to hit the ball and learned to really force the handle on the downswing resulting in the dreaded “chicken wing.”

Fix: Once I demonstrated and convinced Cindy the golf swing does not require “muscle” strength, she felt “leverage” for the first time in her career. It’s pretty simple, once you allow the levers to take over, it’s very hard not to hit a good shot.

No. of sessions: 2

Result: I knew when Cindy started trusting her newfound leverage, the rotation of her arms along with the club would naturally happen.

Her ball flight immediately went from ballooning and topping to piercing arrows and a baby draw. Oh, and she’s now having a ton of fun on the course!

Cindy with a “chicken wing” finish
Cindy with beautiful arm rotation at the finish


Snapshot: An awesome athlete with tremendous talent, strength and ability. Omar was using his strength incorrectly thinking he had to wind up as long as he could on the back swing and then to make that work, his hands became overactive causing an early release at impact.

Fix: Pretty simple. I shortened his swing - a lot - which allowed his swing plane to become more natural. And then simply showed him how to redirect his strength to keep his arms, wrists and hands passive throughout his swing - which really requires an “inner” strength…not physical strength.

No. of sessions: 2

Result: He went from almost quitting golf and shooting a round of 98 prior to his fix and shot a beautiful 73 - with a lot less effort!

As Omar continues to trust and allow his arms, shoulders, wrists and hands to become even more passive, there’s no doubt he’s headed for the 60’s!

Omar at impact